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Blake\'s carpet & upholstery cleaning
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Carpet & upholstery cleaning in Exeter

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Carpet Cleaning in Exeter

The cleansing power of professio​nal extraction cleaning gets deep into carpet pile, lifting out grease, grime & grit. A powerful va​cuum leaves carpets only slightly damp, which are then dried further by an industrial air mover ensuring the lowest possible drying times.

Blake’s Carpet Cleaning, what do I do?

I will vacuum your carpets were necessary. Anything you can not move of the carpet, particularly larger furniture like sofas, armchairs & tables can be moved from one side of the room and back after the carpet they stand on has been cleaned. I will apply a ‘pre-spray’, and work it into the carpet with a special machine agitator, this is what cleans your carpet. I have a whole array of special products for stain removal and the treatment of problem areas called ‘traffic lanes’. The carpet is then rinsed at high pressure, followed by a powerful vacuum to suck the dirt ​out and leave them as dry as can be. Drying times vary depending on the fiber the carpet pile is made of & its depth. Wool takes longer than man-made; so a short pile carpet of man-made fiber can be dry within a couple of hours, but a deep wool one will take much longer. I will give approximate times on acquaintance with the job. There are however a range of accessories that I use, silvered paper squares and polystyrene blocks that make it possible to place furniture on damp carpet with no ill effects.

Upholstery Cleaner in Exeter

As an Upholstery Cleaner in Exeter I hold my customers satisfaction as paramount. I always strive to achieve the highest standards of upholstery cleaning in Exeter for its residents, for instance, those crumbs that slip down the cracks are removed with a special crevice nozzle. If there is anything I can do for my customers as an upholstery cleaner; all they need to do is let me know, and I will do it were possible.

Business Website Address: https://www.carpetcleanerexeter.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01392 255381
Mobile Phone: 07913 449247
City: Exeter