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MLB 2024 early season winners and losers

In the American League East, the Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees are leading the pack, with the Orioles’ winning percentage at .650 and the Yankees’ close behind at .643. The Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays, and Toronto Blue Jays are trailing, with the Blue Jays at the bottom of the division. The Central Division sees the Cleveland Guardians in the lead with a .619 winning percentage, followed closely by the Minnesota Twins and Kansas City Royals. The Detroit Tigers are in the middle, while the Chicago White Sox are struggling significantly this season. Out West, the Seattle Mariners are on top with a .548 winning percentage. The Texas Rangers and Oakland Athletics are in the mix, but the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Angels find the season challenging, with the Angels at the bottom of the division standings. Over in the National League, the Philadelphia Phillies lead the East with an impressive .698 winning percentage, followed by the Atlanta Braves. The Milwaukee Brewers lead the Central Division, closely followed by the Chicago Cubs. The Los Angeles Dodgers dominate the West, with the San Diego Padres and Arizona Diamondbacks chasing. Winners Baltimore Orioles: Surging…

Devon trio unites to create an innovative health garden at Chelsea Flower Show

Three leading local companies have joined forces in a high-profile charitable project aimed at rewilding the environment, promoting healthy eating and raising awareness of bowel disease. The project has been commissioned by Bowel Research UK with the aim of constructing a ‘Microbiome Garden’ that reflects a healthy gut. It has been funded by Project Giving Back and designed by top garden designers, Chris Hull and Sid Hill. The state-of-the-art garden is being constructed by Atlantes Landscapes in Exeter, transported to the prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower Show and returned to a permanent site in Devon. The three companies are: GreenBrook Landscape Design led by Chris Hull of the ‘Garden Rescue’ TV series. Chris grew up in Tavistock and recently relocated from Bath to Exeter; Sid Hill Ecological Gardens based in Totnes. Sid is a well-known ecological horticulturalist who creates food forests and edible meadows; and Atlantes Landscapes, headed up by Paul Bentley who has more than 40 years of experience in landscape construction and has managed the design, construction and logistics of the garden in Marsh Barton.
The Bowel Research UK Microbiome Garden, which will include an edible meadow, seeks to explore the link between a healthy landscape, healthy gut, and…

Bowel Cancer West announced as charity of the year for Devon County Show

Bowel Cancer West is delighted to have been chosen as the Charity of the Year for Devon County Show, which takes place on Thursday 16th-Saturday 18th May at Westpoint, Exeter. Recognising how big the issue is of Bowel Cancer in the South West, the charity reckons it can give a World Record a run for its money, but attempting to create the World’s longest toilet roll chain! Working tirelessly to ensure the survival rates of those diagnosed with bowel cancer across the region, the charity is celebrating its 15th Anniversary, and invites everyone who is coming to the Devon County Show to bring along a decorated toilet roll tube to add to the chain. People of all ages can be affected by bowel cancer, and people of all ages can bring along their toilet roll tube – it can be funky, it can be fun, or it can be dedicated to someone. The charity’s team will have an interactive stand at the show. Whilst everyone can have a go at the Smoothie Bike and make their own delicious healthy smoothies from pedal power, youngsters can have just as much fun by decorating toilet rolls that will be available,…

Exciting new library reading programme for under 4s aims to boost children’s love of books

An exciting new early years reading programme with stickers to collect has been launched in libraries across Devon and Torbay, aiming to inspire a lifelong love of reading. Libro’s Friends is an extension of Libraries Unlimited’s hugely successful The Secret Book Quest, which was launched in 2021. Both programmes have been created as part of Libraries Unlimited’s drive to boost the reading skills of children in the county. The Secret Book Quest uses a free sticker collection book to set older children a 50-book goal and takes them on a journey through topics ranging from space to animals. With Libro’s Friends, under-5s will get a similar sticker book and the chance to collect eight unique stickers to find out where Libro the Cat’s animal friends are hiding. Libro is an established character in The Secret Book Quest, created by the illustrator, Emily Fox. Emily is an acclaimed children’s book illustrator whose has created artwork for the covers of children’s classics as well as a compilation of writing edited by award-winning author, Katherine Rundell. Children who go to their library with their parents or carers and sign up for Libro’s Friends will get the sticker book…

Poltimore Music & Arts Festival announces first wave of live bands line-up

The Music in Devon Initiative (MIDI) are announcing the first wave of live bands across two stages for the 2024 Poltimore Music & Arts Festival on Friday 22nd March and that tickets are now on sale: https://www.fatsoma.com/e/yay1hd0p/poltimore-festival-2024 Held in the grounds and the inside of Poltimore House over two days on May bank holiday Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th May, the live band line-up on the Main and Acoustic Courtyard stages will be: The Main Stage; Sat 25th May Drea and the Pandas 1-1.45pm To be Announced 3-3.45 Pattern Pusher 5-5.45pm Haytor 7-7.45pm Free’Minds 9-9.45pm The Scribes 10-10.45pm The Acoustic Courtyard Stage; Sat 25TH May 3 Days of Wonder 12-12.45pm Rosy Grace 2-2.45pm Soot Sprite 4-4.45pm Bradley the Busker 6-6.45pm Kid Hyena 8-8.45pm   The Main Stage; Sun 26th May Billie Bottle 1-1.45pm The Upper Hand 3-3.45pm Twilight of the Pleasure Gods 5-5.45pm Rameagle 7-7.45pm Moriaty 9-9.45pm Datura Roots Collective 10-10.45pm The Acoustic Courtyard Stage; Sun 26th May Jacob Terry 12-12.45pm Sonyechko 2-2.45pm …

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