Why you should think about home staging before selling

The property market is getting increasingly more competitive every day, with house sellers constantly looking for innovative ways to market their property. As such, more and more people are looking to home staging with a view to making their property stand out.

Home staging gives properties a facelift, improving the appearance of a home and offering a prospective buyer a blank slate in which they can more easily visualise themselves living there.  It is more than the standard upgrade, however, and needs a keen eye to know what to do and do it effectively. According to Spring, home staging is more popular among UK’s home sellers, with interest increasing by over 135% last year alone.

What to Focus on When Home Staging

Investing in home staging might be costly, but it helps list and sell the house faster than conventional marketing methods. Home valuation increases over time, with home staging increasing the value of the property significantly. The returns can, more often than not, recoup the home staging cost, besides selling the property faster. The following are some of the focus areas for home staging.


The difference between home staging and some quick renovations is in the details. The most effective home stagers will go over every corner and make any repair they need to:

  • Washroom – deep cleans of the toilet bowl, flush, potentially replacing the shower head and taps etc.
  • Kitchen – don’t neglect things you take for granted such as extractor fans and hobs
  • Living room – fixing windows, power sockets, fireplaces and furniture
  • Bedroom – addressing wardrobe doors, carpeting, window panes, doors to ensuite can all help to elevate your bedroom, often one of the most appealing parts of a home for prospective buyers.


Consider bright colours within the home to reflect light. If the walls are in a good condition, apply a finishing layer to enhance the appearance; colours have a significant influence on appearance, durability and aesthetics. Areas to paint are all house doors, walls, window panes and exterior walls. Avoid using more than two colours as it might look too busy and difficult to present.

Interior Styling

  • Furniture – rearrange the living room to create more space.
  • Flowers and houseplants are always a welcome addition to a room, bringing colour and oxygen.
  • Purchase new beddings, mattresses, pillows and other bedroom itineraries. Don’t be afraid to splash out as the quality will be visible in any marketing photos taken of your property.
  • Convert one room into a home library or study and consider how to present any books you may have.

Why People Prefer Home Staging before Selling their Homes

According to the Home Staging Association, staged homes have a 71% increase in viewership, improving the turn-around rate in the property industry. In addition to that, home staging can improve the house valuation up to 75%. If you are in a rush to sell, home staging could prove to be an effective use of your time. If you contact a home buying company such as Spring for example, you can be guaranteed a sale in as little as seven days. But the time between the first contact and completion is long enough for you to make a number of sizable changes to your property.

The Exeter Daily