When it’s the Right Time to Hire a Family Lawyer

Family or marriages are often faced with a lot of challenges. In the United States, there are over a million divorce cases filed yearly. Most marriages break because of domestic abuse, infidelity, and conflict. Apart from divorce, families face other challenges that only an experienced military divorce attorney can help them sort out amicably.

Sometimes couples are forced to take their issues to court for peaceful resolutions. That means hiring an attorney with proper qualifications in family law. Here we give you the reasons why you should look forward to hiring a family lawyer.

1. Planning for marriage 

If you are preparing for marriage, it is essential to consult a family lawyer for guidance. You can always avoid mistakes when making that decision to walk down the aisle if only you consult a reputable family lawyer.

 A qualified family lawyer will advise and guide you on the legal requirements for marriage in your state. He will also help you navigate all marriage issues you may not understand and explain to you all your legal rights in the union.

2. When forming a domestic partnership 

A domestic partnership or civil union involves two people who are living together but not married yet. They often resemble marriages but are not legally recognized as such. After the legalization of same-sex marriages in most states, a domestic partnership has become popular. If you are looking forward to forming a civil union, you need a family lawyer to take you through the process.

3. Settling child custody disputes 

Having sole physical custody of a child is a significant issue in most divorce cases. If you want to remain in the custody of your child even after a successful divorce, a family lawyer can help you convince the court. The attorney will work in your best interest and prove to the family court that you deserve the right to sole guardianship.

Although legal custody of a child may be sole or mutual, family courts permit shared custody. It is only possible to have sole custody of your child if your family lawyer can prove to the family court that your ex-spouse is abusive, mentally ill, and has some sort of drug addiction.

4. Child support 

Another reason you should hire a family lawyer is to ensure your ex-spouse remains committed to child support. Denial or skipping child support payment is a common issue most parents face. 

Spousal or child support is an instruction from the family court. If your ex-spouse is not committed to paying child support, you can reach out to a family lawyer for help. In case the obliged person is not in a position to pay for the child support, a family lawyer can ensure the family court reduces the support money.

5. A looming divorce

When you suspect a looming divorce in your marriage, it is perhaps the right time to hire a family lawyer. Divorce is complicated and can take months to settle. Child custody and property ownership are some issues that may make your divorce not easy to resolve.

Whether you are filing a divorce because of domestic conflict, infidelity, and negligence, you have to hire a family attorney to represent and guide you.

A family lawyer should advise you whenever you are taking legal actions like buying family property and establishing trusts. Every family has a reason to hire a family lawyer.

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