Top ID card benefits that make your workplace safe

ID cards play an essential role in any security protocol, regardless of the industry or sector. If it is a corporate environment, they play a vital role in keeping the workplace safe and secure. If there is an event happening where large crowds are expected, the best way to ensure security is to issue ID badges.

In a hospital or healthcare setting, a badge buddy offers one of the safest and easiest options to identify roles within a bustling facility visually. What’s more, it is not very expensive.

Easy to Fasten

A badge buddy can be easily fastened to an ID card or identification badge that features a pre-slotted opening. It is designed in such a way as to allow any identifying color code to be visible boldly, right below the photo ID or the name badge. Security personnel and others find it easy to identify the wearer.

These badge holders can be designed specifically for any role in a healthcare facility like:

  • Physicians
  • LPN
  • RN
  • NA

As they come fully laminated, they are durable and last longer. The badge holders can be customized for vertical and horizontal orientations, depending on the specific requirement.

Best for the Healthcare Facilities

Badge buddies are considered the most popular and essential ID accessories. Most healthcare facilities need to display a lot of information packed into the ID card. An oversized ID card may be quite unwieldy for the purpose. However, these accessories come with pre-printed medical titles and can be customized as per requirements.

Mandatory Requirements

Most of these accessories conform to ID badge law requirements. However, in states like Connecticut, the law does not require healthcare providers to wear badges to ensure direct patient care. But other states, including California, Illinois, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oregon, New York, and Rhode Island, have laws that make it mandatory to have ID badges.

Using Lanyard

Using a lanyard to which an ID card can be attached makes it secure to use and ensures that it is never misplaced. Most healthcare facilities have different color codes to create awareness that can be easily identified. For instance, purple lanyards indicate supporting breast cancer, while some other colors are used to support troops. Pre-printed lanyards are handy for detailing roles in an organization or for any specific event. Lanyards are also used to identify visitors by a unique color or code.

Retractable Badge Reel

Another popular ID card accessory is a retractable badge reel, which will help you avoid wearing anything cumbersome around your neck. Retractable badge reels come in various colors and are easy to use for swiping. They can be fixed anywhere on the side and drawn from the reel for a convenient distance. It can be used for accessing your workplace, security clearance, or for retrieving printing.

Whenever you are not using your badge reel, lanyard, or ID badge, it is better to store it safely due to security concerns. It fits in easily in any compartment in your backpack or can fit into your purse or any place else where you usually keep your wallet and other valuables.

The different types of badge reels include:

  • Standard
  • Fashionable
  • Anti-twist
  • Heavy-duty

Besides badge reels, badge holders, and lanyards, you have some other ID card accessories to choose from, including strap clips, ID clips, ID pins, and magnetic ID attachments.

Summing it Up

Advanced ID cards have a tactile impression feature, a security feature using impression dyes to emboss unique security designs on the printed ID cards. Besides offering physical security, they act as visual security. The impression is embossed on top of the lamination layer, making it 100 percent tamper-proof as any attempt to tamper will destroy the card.

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