The best ways to keep calm and carry on with your house sale!

Selling your house is a really stressful period of time, which is why we’ve come up with some easy ways for you to keep calm and stay in control. Stress builds up and becomes incredibly overwhelming, so these tips can help you keep any stress at bay and let your house sale go as smoothly as possible.

  1. Know each step

One of the biggest factors that stress us out is the unknown. Buying and selling a house is an incredibly long process with all sorts of twists and turns, so knowing what to expect can let you stay a bit calmer when things get tough. It’s also nice to have some reassurance that the process is going as it’s meant to even if it feels like things are going wrong- delays are a standard part of house sales, but if you haven’t sold a house before you might not know what the general timeframe is for things to get moving. Going in prepared will let you feel more in control, which in turn will keep your stress levels down. There’s plenty of ways for you to carry out this research, from speaking to people you know that have recently sold a house to asking your agent the normal timeframes.

  1. Sell in the right way

Most homeowners only consider selling on the open market, as that’s the traditional way to sell. Now, however, there are alternatives for homeowners who aren’t keen to trust the open market. Selling at auction is becoming a more popular option for homeowners who want to get things moving quickly and aren’t willing to wait around for a traditional sale, as are quick sale house companies, such as We Buy Any House. These methods allow homeowners to sell in a much shorter timeframe compared to the standard selling option, but there are positives and negatives to any way of selling, so make sure you know which is the most beneficial for you before you commit to it.

Selling faster is often a more calming option for those who have had complications selling previously, who were strung along and had their chain broken close to completion, which, understandably, makes them wary of trusting the process again. Being able to feel some reassurance and control helps you keep calm during stressful situations, which is why deciding which method of selling is best for you is important.

  1. Have a support system

Sometimes, no matter how much you try, things happen that are out of your control. When you’re selling a house these things could be your chain breaking, struggling to get any viewers in, or unexpected results from surveys. If any of these happen, it’s hard to prepare for as they’re bound to be stressful events, which is why you want to make sure you’ve got some support. Whether it be in friends or family, we all need someone to keep our chin up! We all do what we can to avoid the more stressful situations in life, but sometimes they just can’t be avoided. In those times, making sure you’ve got someone to help you through will reduce your stress levels- a problem shared is a problem halved!

  1. Be organised

Inorganization is incredibly stressful, so take time to get your affairs in order and have all the documents you need before moving forward. Pull all the relevant paperwork you need, such as the deeds to the house and your details, so you know exactly where they are when you need them and don’t panic if they’re hidden away. If you’ve had renovations done on the house, get any paperwork from this for potential buyers so they can see that everything is in order, especially if you needed planning permission to go ahead. Feeling organised will help you keep calm as you’ll know that you’ve got everything in control and are ready to move forward.

Staying calm and collected isn’t easy, but these tips should help you keep your cool when things get tough. Selling a house might be stressful, but the moving process is all worth it when you move into the house of your dreams!

The Exeter Daily