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National Association of Building Contractors: James Hopkins

Talking to construction firm owners struggling to grow and market themselves effectively the serial entrepreneur decided to help them make things ‘easier’. Name: James HopkinsCompany Name: National Association of Building ContractorsLocation: LondonDate Launched: November 2016Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thenabc Website: https://nabc.org.uk/Number of Employees: 8 Tell us what your business does: https://nabc.org.uk/ Is a trade association in the general sense but we are slightly different as we focus on support with growth, there is no one in construction teaching a successful business strategy to the general builder that allows them to expand what they are good at so we help build a successful company and brand at the same time.  We scaled from a home office business to a National Company within 5 years with 8 employees and growing fast. Where did the idea for your business come from? The inspiration behind https://nabc.org.uk/ came after I went to a talk given by young entrepreneurs. There was one specific individual that really hit the nail on the head when discussing the construction industry; she said, “Nobody is ever going to talk as passionately about your business as you do.” This led me to believe that by building a business to drive enquires and help growth to these construction firms could really help take them to the next level. Many people have had negative experiences of spending lots of money on joining trade associations, without the results they expected. My philosophy is simple – give people the tools and support you promise and deliver on them. How did you know there was a market for it? 150,000, new construction companies are founded worldwide every year. Of those 10% will make it past the first year which would leave us with 135.000 new businesses every year as potential clients to help mentor and grow. Essentially it came down to understanding how to promote themselves. Every business owner (with the exception of two) I spoke to immediately said that this would be a solution they would not only want but would also pay for. What were you doing before starting up? I previously worked in education for over a decade, working in 36 different countries across the world, building brand and business ventures in the respective regions for various educational institutions through the utilisation of various B2B channels. I also have a web development and marketing agency that has been highly successful running in the background…

When it’s the Right Time to Hire a Family Lawyer

Family or marriages are often faced with a lot of challenges. In the United States, there are over a million divorce cases filed yearly. Most marriages break because of domestic abuse, infidelity, and conflict. Apart from divorce, families face other challenges that only an experienced military divorce attorney can help them sort out amicably. Sometimes couples are forced to take their issues to court for peaceful resolutions. That means hiring an attorney with proper qualifications in family law. Here we give you the reasons why you should look forward to hiring a family lawyer. 1. Planning for marriage  If you are preparing for marriage, it is essential to consult a family lawyer for guidance. You can always avoid mistakes when making that decision to walk down the aisle if only you consult a reputable family lawyer.  A qualified family lawyer will advise and guide you on the legal requirements for marriage in your state. He will also help you navigate all marriage issues you may not understand and explain to you all your legal rights in the union. 2. When forming a domestic partnership  A domestic partnership or civil union involves two people who are living together but not married yet. They often resemble marriages but are not legally recognized as such. After the legalization of same-sex marriages in most states, a domestic partnership has become popular. If you are looking forward to forming a civil union, you need a family lawyer to take you through the process. 3. Settling child custody disputes  Having sole physical custody of a child is a significant issue in most divorce cases. If you want to remain in the custody of your child even after a successful divorce, a family lawyer can help you convince the court. The attorney will work in your best interest and prove to the family court that you deserve the right to sole guardianship. Although legal custody of a child may be sole or mutual, family courts permit shared custody. It is only possible to have sole custody of your child if your family lawyer can prove to the family court that your ex-spouse is abusive, mentally ill, and has some sort of drug addiction. 4. Child support  Another reason you should hire a family lawyer is to ensure your ex-spouse remains committed to child support. Denial or skipping child…

Bityard launched ‘Grayscale zone’ to let users trade coins related to Grayscale investment trusts

The crypto market remained bullish for the past few months, which attracted much attention from global investors. Furthermore, Bitcoin price reached its all-time high and surpassed $41,000 earlier this year. One reason that led to increasing Bitcoin price is that many financial institutions and retail investors entered the market and invested in significant amount of Bitcoin and other digital assets, and have been holding them. Among those institutions and investors, Grayscale is one that made a huge impact to the crypto market. In the market, the entry of Grayscale made other investors who were skeptical about the intrinsic values of digital currencies became more confident in Bitcoin, and once again, attracted more people to enter the market. About Grayscale Grayscale, a subsidiary of the Digital Currency Group, is the world’s largest crypto asset manager, and has created investment trusts for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Horizen, Litecoin, Stellar, XRP, and Zcash. According to Grayscale’s official Twitter on January 29, 2020, the company’s total crypto assets under management (AUM) was above $27 billion. How Grayscale affects the market and individual investors In January 2021, Bitcoin price dropped from $41,000 to below $32,000 and climbed again after Grayscale reopened its Bitcoin Trust back up to new investors, which implied that the company plays an important role in the crypto market. When Grayscale increases the investment funds for a certain crypto asset, the asset price has a chance to go up, which also brings the potential for individual investors to gain profits from the price change. Hence, most investors consider the assets that Grayscale has created investment trusts for types of indicators or hints in order to construct proper investing strategies. Bityard has launched ‘Grayscale Zone’ As an exchange that offers professional crypto trading services, Bityard has been focusing on the fast-changing market as well as the increasing needs of global investors. In 2020, Bityard, with Binance as the liquidity supplier, started offering crypto spot trading services with more than 30 types of trading pairs. Moreover, Bityard also launched “Grayscale Zone” recently to let its users to trade coins related to Grayscale investment trusts, which is a friendly design for both experienced investors and crypto beginners. Compared to some risky altcoins, the assets in the “Grayscale Zone” would be better options for crypto beginners since Grayscale has created investment trusts for those assets….

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