How to incorporate holograms and holographic projects into your marketing strategy

When they hear the word “hologram,” many people think of rare and expensive things such as a holographic 2-Pac, or a virtual pop star, a la Hatsune Miku. Others might think of outdated technology that was a big fad a few decades ago.

But, the holograms of today are much more than that. When appropriately used, holograms and holographic projects such as those from Musion can be a vital component of your marketing strategy.

Keep reading to learn more about this exciting technology and why you should incorporate it into your marketing projects.

Holographic technology is finally affordable

While the days of sharks jumping at you from a movie poster like in Back to the Future 2 are still far from us, holograms are better and cheaper than ever.

The main trick is in the way that modern images are created. For example, the latest holographic displays make it possible to create an eye-catching image that appears to be 3D and floating in mid-air.

Those displays consist of arms with glowing LED modules that are all controlled by a single processing unit.

Once these arms start spinning like helicopter blades, they serve as surfaces where the 3D content is presented in the form of a hologram.

Anyone with a bit of technical knowledge can use those devices. Many brands, retailers, and sporting venues are already using them, and so should you.

Holograms are good for grabbing – and keeping – attention

Whether you own a business, no matter how big or small, you know that the business landscape is constantly changing.

In that ever-shifting world, having something that will attract your potential customers is a certain advantage. That is where holographic projects come into play.

Holographic projections are ideal for trade show marketing, where they can be used to display and highlight the best features of your product without any involvement from your staff.

They are also great for any form of 3D presentation, such as showing off a house for sale or other high-end products where looks are an essential part of the appeal, such as jewellery or cars.

Your imagination is the limit. Use holograms to add flair to any kind of visual presentation. Or use it to show off the features of your product in greater detail than would be physically possible.

Holo tech is very versatile

The “your imagination is the limit” you have read above is more than just a phrase.

Modern holographic displays are very versatile in many ways.

They can play almost any form of video and photo content stored in different formats.

Speaking of formats, they work with almost any operating system without any issues – no matter if your primary device runs on Windows, Android, or iOS, the holographic display is almost certainly going to get along with it.

Also, many holo-projectors are WiFi ready, so you can stream a photo or a video that you just took on your phone and share it with your audience.

Even if there is no WiFi, it should be no problem. Many displays have an SD card slot for quickly storing and displaying media.

With all these options at your disposal, it is easy to create captivating content and change it on the fly if the need to do so appears.

Holograms are entertaining and engaging

Now that you know what holographic projects can do for you, the odds are that an idea is already starting to form in the back of your mind.

The customers of today crave engagement. They respond the best to an immersive, interactive experience, and there is no better way to provide them with such an experience than via holograms.

Use holograms to tell compelling stories and display eye-catching visuals. This type of marketing is known as “sensory marketing”. The idea is to engage the customers’ senses in a way that no other media can.

Some car industry giants such as Volvo and Lexus have already incorporated holograms in their marketing strategies. With technology being cheaper and better with every single passing day, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find a way to use holographic projects in your marketing strategy.

Some other ideas

With their ability to stand out from the crowd, holograms are perfect for massive events such as sports games or fairs.

But, they can also be used as a fun and innovative teaching tool or a device that will help raise awareness about an issue you care about.

Wherever you were using a flyer or a promo poster, a hologram is guaranteed to do a much better job of grabbing people’s attention and sticking in their minds.

In today’s world of shortening attention span, holographic technology might be just what you need to gain an advantage in the market and develop a winning marketing strategy.

The Exeter Daily