How to Find a Budget-Friendly SEO Company

Your website needs to be search engine-friendly to compete with other companies online. Startups and small businesses often don’t have the budget to hire the same top rate SEO agencies that established and Fortune 500 companies. 

Hire an SEO Company that Serves Small Businesses Exclusively

If you’re not a large company with a supersized marketing budget, stop looking at agencies that cater to those businesses. While all the bells and whistles, such as concierge service, sound great, they’re expensive. Search engine optimization is a vital part of your brand’s ranking, ultimately driving potential customers to your business. It’s also not rocket science. Many tasks are possible with limited training, especially at the beginning stages. 

SEO can be time-consuming. Specialists need to be aware of changes that occur. Google, for instance, tweaks its system a few times per year. Most of these are small changes, but sometimes large updates come along and shift everything. A great example includes when Google started prioritizing mobile searches. 

Another expansive change occurred recently as voice searches started becoming more common among younger users (under 19) and older users (over 50.) No one knows exactly what’s on the horizon, but soon, consumers may see more video or image search move up on the list and pass traditional searches. 

Consider an SEO Agency with Different Levels of Service

A cheap SEO company understands that not all clients have the same needs or budgets. By offering multiple service levels, new and small businesses don’t get left out of the loop. Agencies that offer SEO packages or a la carte services are taking an extra step to ensure all companies have access to top-rated SEO services at a price they can afford. As the brand grows, they can add more to their monthly plan or change to another service tier.

At the very least, a cheap agency will offer a few keywords or phrases across your website, handle backlink building, and review your needs and provide a full report of their findings. These packages will increase to offer a wider variety of natural-sounding keywords to drive even more traffic to your website. 

Understand the difference between Cheap and Low-Quality SEO Services

Cheap doesn’t mean low-quality or poor service. You need a company that provides high-quality work for an affordable price. Pay attention to what they’re offering. Most companies include a full website audit. Professionals can check some of the areas you may not have thought of for optimization. For example, page headers, metadata, images, and videos all need optimization. 

Additionally, look for a budget-friendly SEO company that provides additional services to help your business grow, such as WordPress website design. If your website is over five-years-old or isn’t mobile-friendly, consider using an SEO company that also offers web design and development.


The Exeter Daily