Devon Air Ambulance launch two new Volunteer roles

Our local air ambulance charity has always benefitted greatly from the support of many volunteers and has over 700 fantastic helpers located across the county, every one of them an integral part of the life-saving service. 

Devon Air Ambulance volunteers give their time and expertise helping with many things, from looking after their 4,000 red collection boxes, speaking at public events, helping out at fundraising days and, of course, supporting the charity’s 19 shops who process hundreds of donations kindly handed in every week. Now, the charity is looking to welcome two new volunteers to their Communications Team. 

Charlotte Leventis, Head of Communications at Devon Air Ambulance said:  “We’re very pleased to have developed these 2 new remote volunteering roles which we think might attract someone who may be looking to gain some valuable experience within a small but very busy Communications team. There are no set hours attached as our volunteers often help as and when they can, we are fully flexible and always work around other commitments that our volunteers might have. One of the voluntary roles is mainly administrative and the other might be incredibly useful for someone studying in media, marketing or PR or might have worked in this field previously, as these subjects all play a part in our day-to-day activity”. 

With the opportunity to share and develop skills across all sorts of different areas, volunteering can really help to boost a CV. Interpersonal skills, organisational skills and practical skills can all be enhanced and built upon through volunteering. Donating time also shows would-be employers that a candidate is willing to stretch themselves to explore new possibilities – desirable experience for a prospective employee. 

Lysianne Cherry, a volunteer at the Devon Air Ambulance Exmouth shop, was keen to get back to work following surgery some years ago and volunteering was suggested so that she could bring her CV up to date. Lysianne told us:   “The reason I chose to volunteer for Devon Air Ambulance was, of all the charities around, you know what your hard work is going towards and can see the results of the money you help to generate. I like to work with like-minded people and the thank you I receive at the end of the day is a great motivator and enthuses you to stay part of a great team. 

Even though this adventure started as a way to get back into the workplace, I was happy to continue as a volunteer because seeing the impact of the work of the Air Ambulance team is reward enough.” 

If you would like to find out more about how the two latest volunteering opportunities at Devon Air Ambulance can benefit you as well as the charity, click here to visit their website.   

The Exeter Daily