Cygnet Theatre launches #SaveOurTheatres crowdfunder as part of a national campaign & Theatres Trust have launched a nationwide crowdfunding campaign to help save theatres across the UK. The #SaveOurTheatres campaign was launched on 8th September with theatre fundraising pages going live up and down the country.

In Exeter and across the county, theatres are suffering. Cygnet Theatre is at the heart of our community: it is a place to come together, to be entertained and to be inspired. Training theatres like Cygnet are where our best-loved actors learn their craft. Cygnet has a long history of training ‘swans’ who go on to work in the West End, the National Theatre and in Film.

“In future, when I am asked what an aspiring actor can do to advance their hopes of a career in live theatre, I shall recommend applying for a place at the Cygnet.” Sir Ian McKellen after his visit to Cygnet in 2018

Cygnet’s source of income disappeared in an instant when we closed in March in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Theatres still don’t know when we will be able to reopen fully. A decision will not be made until November at the earliest. This on-going uncertainty puts Cygnet in a perilous situation. The government’s bailout won’t be enough to save all of the UK’s theatres, especially small independent ones like Cygnet Theatre.

Rewards up for grabs:

These range from backstage tours and free tickets to #SaveOurTheatres name plaques mounted onto theatre seats.  

Cygnet Theatre was created as a charity to train the next generation of repertory actors and bring communities together.

Without your help, Cygnet Theatre risks permanent closure. 


The Exeter Daily