Could you make a film in two days? 

Exeter Phoenix’s famous 48 Hour Film Challenge is back! The challenge sees teams race against the clock to create a film in just two days and will run from Friday 29th – Sunday 31st January 2021. Each team will be given a prop, some text and a genre that must be included in their final film. Registration is free. 

In an exciting change to tradition, teams will be able to take part in this year’s challenge remotely. You can register your team, receive your brief and complete the challenge all from the comfort of your own home. This means that for the first time in the challenge’s history, teams do not have to be based in Exeter. 

Once registered, teams will be sent an introductory pack including advice on Covid-safe filmmaking, tips on green filmmaking and all the information needed to take part in the free challenge. 

Successfully completed films will be included in a special screening at Two Short Nights Film Festival which will take place Thursday 18th – Friday 19th February 2021. Two Short Nights is well known on the filmmaking circuit for giving audiences the first opportunity to see newly released, cutting-edge short films. 2019’s Two Short Nights Film Festival included the world premiere screening of director Tommy Gillard’s short film Shuttlecock, which went on to scoop the award for Best Short Film at the prestigious BFI London Film Festival earlier this year. 

To register your team please visit Exeter Phoenix’s new website here: 

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