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Special constables and other police volunteers receive a big thank you 

Special Constables and police support volunteers got together at Exeter Police Station last week to share experiences and receive personal thanks from senior officers.   The gathering was organised to show appreciation for all the unpaid hours that volunteers give to their local communities. Superintendent Antony Hart, who heads up the Exeter, East & Mid Devon Local Policing Area, Chief Inspector John Shuttleworth and Citizens in Policing Champion Inspector Dave Turner were on hand to say thank you in person. The volunteers invited along work across Exeter, East & Mid Devon and help out at local events, as well as supporting regular police officer colleagues and staff in a variety of situations. Superintendent Antony Hart told those present: “I really take my hat off to you. The contribution you make is fantastic and it’s a massive thanks from me. The difference you make every day is immense and this is even more important as we enter our busy summer policing period.”    The guests included vehicle check volunteers, a wellbeing volunteer, Police Cadet leaders and role player volunteers who help with scenarios for police officer and Special Constable training. Martinne Rowland, Development Officer for Citizens…

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10 things you need to consider when walking your dog in the snow, according to an expert.

If your area is currently covered in snow (most Brits are sharing snaps of their icy streets on Instagram!) and you’re a dog owner, then there are things you need to do to keep your pooch safe on walks this winter. Whilst you wrap up warm, the needs of man’s best friend shouldn’t be underestimated! Anna Bain, a dog wellbeing expert from ProDog Raw, is now sharing her expertise, outlining the things you should and shouldn’t be doing when walking your dog in the snow. Make sure it’s not too cold to be walking your dog
‘Whilst winter months are notoriously cold, it’s important to remember that they can be too cold for certain dogs. Of course, this depends on the breed of your dog; small breeds, those with less body fat and some single coated breeds should be limited to shorter walks (less than 20 minutes) in freezing temperatures. Meanwhile, dogs should never be left outside if the temperature significantly drops. Every dog is different, make sure you research the breed in relation to colder weather, and always pay close attention to your own dog’s reactions and limitations.’ Think about when you’re walking them
‘When it’s…