Alexander McQueen Authentication

The British luxury fashion house Alexander McQueen was founded in 1992 and since then has gained popularity amongst the luxury fashion lovers. The founder, Lee Alexander McQueen, is still remembered as one of the 21st century’s most iconic fashion designers. His talent for tailoring and unusual designs have really been the signature characteristics of this designer.

Right now, the one item that represents the brand in the casual/ streetwear industry would be the classic low-top sneakers that were first introduced in the Spring-Summer 2015 runway. This item has been released in various colourways and is very popular to this day. The standard retail price of $490, and the sneakers’ huge popularity, has resulted in numerous copies, or replicas, entering the market. 

Nowadays, it is incredibly easy to sell and purchase a ‘fake’ pair both online and offline. Even the ‘trusted’ online sellers can sometimes trick people into buying a cheap copy for the original price. This is why an online authentication service decided to share some tips on how you can avoid being oblivious and buying counterfeit Alexander McQueen low-top sneakers.

Verify the size printing on the tongue label

When trying to see if your pair of Alexander McQueen low-top sneakers is authentic or fake, check if the pair has size printing on the tongue label. The colour and the format of the printing can very differ with the colourway, the year of release and the model. However, generally, there should be the model’s article code on the left, and the size indicated on the right.

Authenticate the insole

On the front side of the insole, you should be able to find the engraved Alexander McQueen logo. The way the logo looks also majorly differs with the year of release, the model, etc. so there are no specific rules to it. There is, however, a rule that above the logo itself, there should be a ‘Made in Italy’ engagement as well. It also should be upside down, for your record.

Use an Alexander McQueen Authentication service

In case you are not sure if a pair of Alexander McQueen low-top sneakers is authentic or fake, use one of the online authentication services out there. There are several companies that offer authenticity checks for luxury brands, such as Alexander McQueen, and these really help in case you have doubts.

The Exeter Daily