5 Most Breathtaking Moments of NBA

Basketball is very popular in the United States. More than 200 nations compete with each other in this fast-paced sport. The popularity of this game in the USA is unimaginable. Whenever someone says basketball, there is only one name that comes to our mind. That name is NBA, National Basketball Association. It was founded in 1949 and since then it has been entertaining us with some great basketball matches.

The league currently consists of 30 teams. Being a player in one of these teams is almost equivalent to being a Hollywood celebrity. Over the years, we see youngsters enter a team, grow up alongside their skills, and live up to become a legend. Now let us see 5 of the best breathtaking moments these legends have gifted us. Meanwhile, you can also check out bonuscodebets.co.uk if you’re into online betting!

Derrick Rose Earns the Title of Youngest MVP of All-time

Derrick was only 21 years old and a player of the Bulls in 2011. The average basketball players reach their peak at around the age of 28-30. So it was very unlikely to see Darrick become an MVP.

In an interview of 2010, Darrick uttered the words, “Why can’t I become MVP?” Back in 2010, it looked impossible for a 21 year old to earn the title of MVP. But then 6 months later, Darrick won the MVP award. This made him become the world’s youngest basketball MVP of all time. From this point, his popularity skyrocketed.

Ray Allen’s Final Shot in Game 6 of NBA finals (2013)

It was a match between the Miami Big Three and the Spurs. Either you win or go home. Things were indicating that the Miami Big Three had to pack their bags for going home as they were short by three points and time was almost running out.

Only 15 seconds were remaining. Chris Bosh went offensive and somehow managed to get the ball in the opponent’s half of the court. Seeing no other option he passed the ball to Ray Allen. And then it happened. When just 5 seconds were remaining, Ray Allen performed one of the most difficult shots in basketball and saved the Miami Big Three from going home empty-handed.

Kobe Bryant’s Last Game

Kobe Bryant was 37 years old at that time. His performance was not up to his standards in his last days of basketball. When everything was looking very down for Koby Bryant, he managed to rise again in his final match where he made 50 shots and his team scored 60. It was very breathtaking to see this legend living up to his name before retiring.

Apart from the game, his retirement was also a nice moment. After the match, the crowd was bursting in joy and Kobe thanked them and his fellow teammates and announced his retirement.

The Warriors Breaking the Record of the Bulls

The Bull’s record was 72-10. It seemed untouchable until 2016 when the Warriors made a record of 73-9.

The Warriors were committed to their bones and they did it. Steph Curry won his second MVP. One of the amazing facts about these two world records is that Steve Kerr was a member of the Bulls and the Warriors when these teams made their records.

The Cavs Defeats the Warriors

Nobody thought the Cavs would win this match. The score was 3-1, Cavs being down by 3 points. A comeback seemed impossible against the Warriors, who at that moment was considered the greatest team of basketball. But thanks to LeBron James’s defensive play, the Cavs were successful in winning the game. Without LeBron’s defensive play, it would have been impossible to see the Cavs rise. It was one of the greatest defensive plays in the history of the NBA.

So, these were 5 of the best breathtaking moments in the NBA. Who knows? Maybe we will get to see these historical moments repeat themselves in the future.

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