£3.1 million lottery win for Exeter locals

THIRTEEN neighbours from the same street in Exeter are over £110k richer, after winning a share of £3.1 million with People’s Postcode Lottery.

The good news came after their postcode sector, EX2 4, was announced as a winner with the lottery on Friday 30th April.

12 players in the full winning postcode of EX2 4RL won £110,714 each, with a 13th doubling their win to £221,428 thanks to playing with two tickets.

The residents found out how much they’d won via video calls with lottery ambassador Judie McCourt.

Linda Staddon (74) and her husband, John, were delighted when they found out she’d won over £110k.

Linda said: “Wow! That’s amazing. I want to say what Hastings said on Line of Duty, ‘Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the wee donkey!’”

Linda and John will treat their family, as well as themselves with the winnings.

Linda said: “We have three daughters and six grandchildren so we’ll surprise them. We had holidays planned that we’ve had to postpone. We’re hoping to go to Hawaii later in the year and this will really help with that.

She added: “There’s been a lovely feel of the neighbours coming together over Covid so it’s lovely to hear so many of us have won.”

When asked how they’d celebrate, Linda said: “Recover! We’ll have to have a bottle of something!”

John added: “We’ll need to let Ken Bruce on the radio know what we’ve won as Linda text into his show the other day to say we’d be talking to you!”

Manda Sharp (51) was another winner of £110,714.

Manda said: “No way! Oh my goodness; I can’t believe it, oh my goodness me, oh blimey! I’m blown away and in shock.”  

The mum-of-two plans to make more living space for her 17 and 5-year-old, as well as visit her sister who has lived in Australia for 14 years.  

She said: “I’ve got a couple of children and the house never feels big enough, so maybe an extension would be nice, and a new kitchen.

“I’ve never visited my sister where she lives, so that will be really exciting, we’ll take the whole family.”

Like Linda, Manda was delighted that many of her neighbours had also won. 

She added: “That’s incredible, I’m really pleased. It’s a really close-knit community, a friendly street with lots of families.  

“Sharing the excitement with others that might have won something has spread the love for the Postcode Lottery already!”

Manda works as a store manager for B&Q and has been extremely busy working throughout the pandemic. 

She said: “It’s been a crazy year. I feel like this is a special treat. I know I’m lucky to have a job and many people have been stuck at home and it’s been difficult, but I’ve been at the other end of it. It’s been a manic year; I’ve never experienced anything like it.” 

Manda is a massive football supporter and can’t wait to get back to a live match as soon as possible.  

“I support Arsenal, so I will definitely be treating myself to a trip to the Emirates next season. I might spoil myself and get a club level ticket.” 

Hospitality worker Lynn Pratt (60) was left speechless when Judie revealed her cheque.

She said: “Oh my God! My tarot cards said I’d never win money! I can’t believe this is even true. Never in my life did I ever think I’d have that money.”

“I have four children and I’d love to help with deposits for houses. I need to let it all sink in though. We’ve been doing up the house in stages as we could afford it, so now we can finish it!”

When Judie asked Lynn how she’d celebrate, Lynn joked: “You can come round tonight and have a glass with me in my garden! We’ll probably get a takeaway as everywhere will be booked, but I’ll have a celebratory barbeque at the weekend. Hopefully I can get some champagne in.”

After the news had sank in, Lynn called her son to surprise him with the news. She commented: “I just facetimed him. He didn’t believe it. He rang me back seven times!”

Retired BT engineer, Reg Vicary (75), is now looking forward to a relaxing break in the sunshine after seeing his cheque.

He said: “We had a family holiday planned to Cyprus for last year but that obviously was cancelled, so hopefully that will get resurrected now.” 

His five grandchildren are aged between 16 and 26-years-old and he hopes to spend time with them on holiday.  

Reg joked: “As the grandchildren get older, they don’t actually want mum and grandad there, do they.” 

A further 220 locals in the winning sector received prizes ranging from £5,961 to £17,883 depending on the number of tickets played with.                                                                       

People’s Postcode Lottery ambassador Judie McCourt said: “What a great day for Exeter! It was lovely to virtually meet and reveal such big cheques to the winners. It sounds like everyone has exciting plans for spending their money, from holidays in the sun to football matches!”

People’s Postcode Lottery costs £10 a month to play and there are guaranteed winners every day. People play with their chosen postcode and are automatically entered into all draws.

It’s not just players who win with People’s Postcode Lottery – good causes win too. With a minimum of 32% from each ticket going to charity, players have raised more than £700 million for over 9,000 charities and good causes.

This Postcode Millions draw was promoted on behalf of Postcode Children Trust which benefits organisations that inspire and support children and young people to make the most of their lives and opportunities within their communities.


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